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Meet Our Team

Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.


Sevinch Abbasova


Sevinch Abbasova is the instigator of The Ahiska Student Association Dayton Chapter (Est. 2021), along with other nonprofit and charity project initiatives. Possessing a lengthy background in nonprofit leadership, education, and mentorship, Sevinch is committed to ensuring that educational resources are available to all, regardless of their socio-economic background. Sevinch strives to break down barriers and create equal opportunities for personal and professional growth and missionizes transforming lives through development, training, mentoring, and talent sourcing tools.


Zuleykha Aslanova

Vice President

Zuleykha Aslanova is one of the board members which initiated the start of ASA - Dayton Branch in 2021. She is currently a graduate student at Ohio State University to obtain her masters in Social Work. Zuleykha has dedicated her career to the service of others. Her background in Criminal Justice and Human Development has enabled her to support youth who struggle with making healthy choices. Her hopes for being an ASA member and mentor is to support youth overcome personal and academic challenges and excel in their careers and future endeavors. 


Iskandar Muradov


Iskandar Muradov is the Treasurer  for Ahiska Student Association, Dayton Chapter. Iskandar holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology and Legal Studies. Iskandar has experience working with young men and women, and specifically crimes committed against

children. Iskandar is also experienced in the field of corrections and law enforcement. Iskandar is a community oriented individual who loves to help those in need.


Selman Sarican

Media Director 

Selman Sarican is an entrepreneur, founder of ASASEL Corporation, and a board member of Ahiska Student Association. He offers business solution services to the needs of the companies since 2019. Selman provides the necessary support and mentorship for students in the commercial field. Additionally, he continuously strives to pave the way for young people by sharing his own knowledge about how they can achieve a better position and move forward in their own fields. Selman, who believes in the principle of "man's knowledge increases by sharing”, aims to share the difficulties and conveniences he has experienced in education and business life with young people, so that they can have a more comfortable process in both, the education and business life and move forward.

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